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Production of activated alumina microspheres


Production route of macroporous activated alumina spheres

Large pore volume activated alumina ball production route

Activated alumina spheres are currently used in many industries. The active alumina sphere volume is one of the important technical indicators. How to produce large pore volume alumina spheres in recent years has become an important topic for many manufacturers to research and produce. Zibo Super-Alumina Material Co., Ltd. has proved through many years of industrial practice that the quick-release method is an effective way to produce large-porosity activated alumina balls. After many experiments, the pseudo-boehmite can be used as an active alumina ball. The pore-expanding agent, in the fast-release operation procedure, participates in an appropriate amount of the large-pore volume of boehmite, which can increase the pore volume of the activated alumina sphere to 0.67 ml/g.

The above content is how Zibo Super-Alumina Activated Alumina material can expand the pore volume. I hope that we can help you learn more about activated alumina balls.

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