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Production of activated alumina microspheres

Product Name:

Alumina ball

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[Applicable equipment] Grinding of various equipments such as ball mill, stirring mill, stripper, polishing machine and sander (Ai sand mill).

[Features] Small wear, high hardness, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, economical and practical.

Mainly used in non-ferrous metal ore, industrial ceramic powder materials, non-metal powder materials, titanium dioxide, paper, paint, ink, other powder materials, etc.; suitable for sand grinding, ball mill, mixing mill, stripping machine, polishing Grinding of various equipment such as machines and sanders.

First, high grinding performance: scientifically formulated wear-resistant ceramic ball with respect to the general material, its wear resistance improved by 2-5 times.

Second, good fluidity: Thanks to the advanced preparation process, the surface of the sphere is smooth, the self-lubricating performance of the ceramic is outstanding, the scientific sorting process ensures the optimal roundness, and the wear in the grinding condition is low.

Third, impact resistance, wear: Toughened ceramics have good toughness at high temperatures, and can be easily handled even in equipment with high work intensity.

The quality has reached the international level through the British grinding solution laboratory test, and the overall grinding medium volume is not lower than Belgium Markto, Korea Sino and Saint-Gobain. Zirconium silicate grinding media and ZTA grinding media have surpassed foreign products in the same industry, and the cost performance is higher.

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